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New Chapter of Growth

With effect from 5 April 2016, Goh IGS and Automation Pte Ltd (GIA) will be known as GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd. This is a new milestone for GIANTECH as we transform from a local engineering company to an international service veteran of IG, N2, boiler, PV valve and compressor onboard vessels. The new business name GIANTECH reflects our core strengths and ambition. We will continue to leverage on our technical strengths and provide reliable after‐sales services to vessels.

About Us

Formerly known as Goh IGS & Automation, GIANTECH was founded in 2001 to provide after‐sales servicing and spare parts to MOSS Inert Gas Systems.

Mr Goh Soo Heong, one of the co-founder of GIA was a senior service engineer from MOSS Inert Gas company. His years of valuable experience gave him an edge with his customers.

Today, with our reliable service provision and consistent support from customers, we have grown into a respected one‐stop service station for many marine and offshore equipment makers, assisting shipowners and fleet managers with their tanker needs.

With more than 16 years of IG experience and a dedicated team of makers‐trained service engineers, we continue to leverage on these technical capabilities and provide cost effective one‐stop solutions to the customers.

Our Milestones:

  • 2001 – Establishment of Goh IGS & Automation Pte Ltd (GIA) with specialization in Hamworthy MOSS IG Systems
  • 2005 – GIA became sales agent for Maritime Protection AS and Air Products AS
  • 2010 – GIA became authorized service agent of Kangrim IGG and IGS Systems
  • 2011 – GIA became authorized service agent of Pres‐Vac and Maritime Protection AS
  • 2012 – GIA became authorized service agent of Air Products AS
  • 2014 – GIA became authorized service agent of Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions
  • 2015 – GIA became authorized service agent of Kangrim Boiler and Sunflame
  • 2016 – Establishment of GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd

Today, GIANTECH has grown from strength to strength to become an engineering company that provides a full range of engineering services for the marine and offshore sectors. We seek to expand our geographical coverage in Asia in time to come.

After‐Sales Service Professionals

At GIANTECH, our engineers undergo rigorous on‐the‐job training with equipment makers at their factories. Their expertise will ensure that your vessels will be provided the most accurate solution for dry‐dock, repair, maintenance and health check services.

Spare Parts and New Equipment Provision

We keep 80% of spare parts in our Singapore warehouse so as to provide immediate support to vessels.

ISO 9001

Logo and Certs

GIANTECH carry ISO 9001:2008 certification in recognition of its standardized best practices on the Provision of Trading, Engineering Services and Repair Services on Marine and Offshore Equipment.