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Maritime Protection Health Check Attendance Service

Posted on 31 January 2014


Maritime Protection Health Check includes:

  • Inspection of

             1. Air/Fuel oil hose leakage
             2. Demister and internals/drain holes (if time permits) of scrubber
             3. Pressure & temperature gauges
             4. Blowers casing leakage
             5. Blowers impeller
             6. Presence of smoke
             7. Seawater drain condition
             8. Butterfly valves condition (dismantled by ship crew)
             9. Condition of deck water seal
           10. Panel indication lights
           11. Operation of electric heater
           12. Verify all alarm set points
           13. Oxygen Content
           14. Control valves functionality
                    * Deck delivery valve
                    * Blow off valve
                    * Atmosphere valve
                    * Boiler uptake valves
                    * Blower suction inlet valve
            15. Burning air/fuel oil ratio
            16. Filter Elements
                    * Instrument air filter
                    * Sample gas filter
                    * Fuel oil pump filter
            17. Combustion chamber leakage
            18. Simulation of system alarm & shut down device (PLC)
            19. Safety sensors/switches
            20. IP convertors
            21. Start up system operation check
            22. Available spare parts onboard and recommendations

  • Calibration of

            1. Sample flow to analyser (Span and Zero gas)  
            2. Oxygen analyser
            3. Valve positioner
            4. I/P converter 

  • Health Check Report and recommended solutions


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