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Unitor N2 System Health Check Attendance Service

Posted on 31 January 2014


Unitor N2 System Health Check includes:

  • Inspection of

             1. Filter element
             2. Operation of electric heater
             3. Preparation prior to testing
             4. Complete installation according to plant drawings
             5. Feed air compressor installation/wired
             6. Air receiver installation
             7. Nitrogen generator installation /wired
             8. Nitrogen receiver installation
             9. Booster compressor installation
           10. Nitrogen cylinders/fastening assemblies/manifolds installation
           11. Manifolds, connections and all piping leak tested
           12. Reducer valve installation
           13. Block & Bleed valves installation
           14. Interconnecting piping
           15. Interconnecting electrical connection
           16. PS 26-1 installation (on the Nitrogen receiver line)
           17. Dew point transmitter installation

  • Checks

             1. Test run Nitrogen generator
             2. Alarm and shutdown test
             3. Capacity check
             4. External signals
             5. Panel indication lights/parameters/status
             6. Operation of electric heater (set point/differential temperature)
             7. Sample flow to analyzers on both flow and pressure
             8. Nitrogen purity
             9. Pressure drop (<0.6bar) across the filter package
           10. Drain system from filter package
           11. Oxygen content high alarm with test-run
           12. System leakage
           13. All alarm functions (adjust settings if necessary)
           14. Operation check, recommended running condition
           15. Training of crew, operation and maintenance
           16. Available spare parts on-board and recommendations

  • Calibration of

             1. Oxygen analyser with Span gas

  • Health Check Report and recommended solutions


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