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Mobrey Squing 2 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch

Our Code: SW14N

Type: TD5BC1AAA  

Function: Popular choice for high and low level alarm, high temperature application and pump control/ limit dectection duties. 


high low high low-1

high low-2

high low-3


1. Easy to use, reliable and simple design.

2. Functionality is not affected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam or vibration.

3. No need for calibration and requires a minimum amount of installation.

4. Electronic self-checking and condition monitoring.

5. Adjustable switching delay for turbulent or splashing applications.

6. Magnetic test point makes functional test easy.

7.“Fast Drip” Fork Design gives quicker response.

8. Explosion-proof/Flameproof and Intrinsically Safe options.