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New Equipment

As a leading marine and offshore sales agent, GIANTECH offers specialised ship equipment to marine vessels and offshore vessels (e.g. FPSO, FLNG, FSO and etc ).

Located strategically in Singapore, GIANTECH provides convenient access to all the equipment that we represent. Our mission is to provide excellent technical and commercial support for these marine and offshore equipment.

GIANTECH currently offers several high quality and reliable engineered systems:

  1. Air Products AS - N2 System
  2. Maritime Protection AS - Inert Gas System
  3. Pres-Vac AS - Pressure Vacuum Valves
  4. Atlas Incinerators - Marine Incinerators
  5. G&O Vibration Compensator
  6. KYMA - Ship Performance Monitoring System
  7. Tamrotor Marine Compressor
  8. Soot/SO2/NOx
  9. Water Treatment