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With vessels tight and uncertain voyage schedule, we aim to supply spare parts with efficient and reliable delivery.

Whether the vessels require critical spares parts for emergency replacement or for dry dock service kit, we have technical personnel to provide technical support.
With an extensive supplier network, we strive to deliver the order with the shortest lead time. GIANTECH warehouse located at Singapore keeps more than 80% of common spare parts.

We trade spare parts for:

  1. Inert Gas Systems
  2. Nitrogen Systems
  3. Boilers and Burners
  4. Incinerators
  5. Pressure Vaccuum (PV) Valves
  6. Air Compressors
  7. Demisters
  8. Gas Detectors
  9. Control Equipment and Electronic/ Electrical Components
  10. Pumps and Valves
  11. Accommodation Outfittings
  12. Soot/SO2/NOx
  13. Water Treatment

Inert Gas Systems


Nitrogen Systems


Boilers and Burners




Pressure Vaccuum (PV) Valves


Air Compressors




Gas Detectors


Control Equipment and Electronic/ Electrical Components


Pumps and Valves


Accommodation Outfittings




Water Treatment