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GIANTECH, together with our partners, are able to deliver special custom made solutions for customers in the following sectors:

With more than 20,000 units in operation, our solutions are developed, assembled, tested and documented in Europe and have comparatively a much longer lifespan than other competitors. We offer up to *3 years warranty for the products and we have done a wide range of applications to help you with your equirements

* Vary according to types of sensors and application, terms and conditions applies


Applications of our Systems include:

Marine and Offshore Vessels and Installations

Marine Offshore

Our Partners and us have experience in installation of gas detectors for cooling systems, such as for HAVAC systems for Air-Conditioning and cooling systems for cargo and food in the galley.

Common gases that will need to be detected will include CO2 or Freon (R404, R407, R134 etc)


Industrial and Power Plants

Industrial and Power Plants

Our Application for industries are far and wide, including but not limited to warehouses, transport facilities, power generation plants, production plants and cooling systems.

Common gases to detect include H2, O2, CH4


Underground Parking and Tunnels, Metro

Underground Parking

The lack of space and surging property prices have made multi-story, enclosed, and underground parking space a norm in many cities over the last ten years. Hazardous gases emitted by cars and trapped in the parking spaces pose not only H&S (Health and Safety) issue to workers, but also to visitors and drivers themselves.

Prolong exposure to such gases like CO can lead to anything from a mild headache to severe health issues if pockets of such gases are trapped in the space.

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Our solutions detect gases such as NOx, CO, CH (Hexan)


Medical/ Pharmaceuticals/ Biotech facilities and Labs

Biotech facilities and Labs

Installation in this facilities include gas detectors for warehouses, HQ, Laboratories. Such systems may include Nitrogen filled clean air cabinets and for O2 or Ethanol. Our systems have been sold even directly to manufacturers of specialized compressors used in the sector.

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BioGas, WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plants) and Chemical Facilities

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