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IG Blower Impeller

Corrosion, wear and dust attachment can damage the IG blower impeller. This damage can directly cause its imbalance, which becomes the source of abnormal vibration onboard. Excessive vibration can cause wear in the motor while inducing high stress on the shaft, reducing its life expectancy. Vibration can also be transmitted to neighboring equipments, compromising their performance.

To minimize the damage, regular checking is necessary. The sooner a problem is detected, the lower the cost of repair.

Ig Blower Impeller

Generally, there are 2 common reasons why abnormal vibrations occur:

Case 1: Vibration due to foreign matter attachment
For this case, the foreign matter should be cleaned and removed completely. This can be performed by the ship crew.

Case 2: Vibration due to corrosion and wear
For this case, the impeller should be sent for repair or replacement. Keep in mind that repair and balance weight welding can cause cracks on the materials and should be performed by experts with proper tools.

For Case 2 which requires special repair and balancing, you are encouraged to disassemble and unload the IG blower impeller to GIANTECH workshop. We have a team of specialists to inspect, test, repair and balance the damaged impeller.

Worker Repairing - IG Blower Impeller

Our service scopes:

  • Cleaning of impeller for inspection and repair
  • Crack detection tests with report
  • Stainless Steel Welding and grinding damaged area to smooth profile
  • Dynamic balancing

If you require any of the services above, feel free to contact us and we are always here for assistance.

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