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Established in 1968 at Kyoto, Sunflame Co. Ltd rose through the ranks and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of rotary cup burners for marine boiler plants. With the technology of rotary cup burners, Sunflame produces boiler burners, incinerators and boiler spare parts for marine vessels.

The maker distinguishes its products from competitors through simplified designs, minimal maintenance and constant innovation to match the changing regulations. Due to the high quality of their products and responsive support, Sunflame has earned a good reputation in the industry. Below are the listed boiler makers providing Sunflame products:

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  1. Alfa Laval K.K (Japan)
  2. Greens Power Limited (China/England)
  3. Jiujiang Haitian Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd (China)
  4. Kang Rim Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (Korea)
  5. Kashiwa Co.,Ltd (Japan)
  6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Ltd. (Japan)
  7. Osaka Boiler MFG. Co., Ltd (Japan)
  8. Tortoise Engineering Co., Ltd (Japan)
  9. Zhangjiagang Greens Shazhou Boiler Co., Ltd (China)

Setting up service stations in more than 10 countries, spanning across 3 continents, Sunflame is set to further expand their business to serve more customers with their success formula. As one of their authorized service agents, GIANTECH has been factory-trained by the maker to deliver inspection, maintenance and repair services to ship owners.

Two of our service engineers attended the Sunflame factory training in September 2015 in Japan. This was an intensive 3-day training by the maker, where they gained precious exposure to the manufacturing procedure with hands-on training in the factory.

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Title: Sunflame Burner and Incinerator Training

GIANTECH Provides:

  1. Health Check Attendance Services
  2. Maintenance & Repair Services
  3. Upgrade Services
  4. Dry Dock Services
  5. Spare Parts Supply