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Established in 1968 at Kyoto, Sunflame Co. Ltd rose through the ranks and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of rotary cup burners for marine boiler plants. The technology of rotary cup burners can withstand extremely viscous waste oil and has successfully been adopted in waste oil incinerators.

The maker distinguishes its products from competitors through simplified designs, minimal maintenance and constant innovation to match the changing regulations. In particular, Sunflame incinerators are acclaimed for removing sludge oil without firing D.O. Due to the high quality of their products and responsive support, Sunflame has earned a good reputation in the marine industry.

GIANTECH is honoured to be assigned as an official after-sales service agent and spare parts supplier of Sunflame incinerators. Our strong association with Sunflame puts us in an ideal position to liaise with them, so you can be assured of efficient and reliable delivery of incinerator spare parts.