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The heart of the Nitrogen Membrane System lies within the membranes.

Air Products – Norway’s maritime equipment maker, established in 1970, is one of the few manufacturers of hollow fiber membranes in the world. As the reliable and experienced membrane technology expert, Air Products manufactures several different types of membranes: each with individual characteristics to meet the challenging applications or specific limitations onboard.

Wide range of nitrogen capacities, nitrogen purities and system physical dimensions is available:

1. Nitrogen Membrane Systems NC1-1 Series Shipboard Unit  (up to 410Nm3/h @ 95% N2)

2008 – 2013: Air Products achieved a 93% global market share for all contracted LNG carriers.

Reference: Hoegh LNG, BW Gas, Cardiff LNG, Awilco, Sonangol

2. Nitrogen Membrane Systems NC2-2 Series Shipboard Unit (420 -6000Nm3/h @ 95% N2)

High capacity systems, skid-mounted with open frame design.

N2 Membrane Singapore n2-membrane-2

Fully-enclosed Nitrogen Generator, for low and medium capacity requirements.


1 or more membrane cabinet(s) of various sizes will complement the system.

Since their first N2 System was engineered and commissioned in 1984, Air Products has installed membrane nitrogen systems in more than 100 ships worldwide.

System Applications:

1. Chemical Carriers

2. LNG / LPG Carriers



5. Platform Supply Vessles

6. Anchor Handlers

7. Reefer Vessels

8. Offshore Production Platforms

9. Onshore Production Fields

Membrane Working Principle

The membranes are formed into hollow fibres to obtain maximum membrane surface/unit of volume. Thousands of fibres are bundled into a casing that projects them, routes the gas properly from feed to product end, and creates handy and standardized units that can easily be stacked together for modular capacity increase of the system.

Atmospheric air is compressed, filtered, heated and fed to the bore size of the membranes.


As the air flows inside the individual fibres, the O2, CO2, H2O in the air permeate faster than nitrogen through the membrane walls to the low-pressure side of the fibres.

Benefits of Air Products’ Nitrogen N2 Membrane System:

1. Unparalleled total lifetime

2. Particle, liquid water and oil vapor tolerant membrane

3. Marine-proven membranes for over 25 years.

4. Guaranteed lifetime after sales’ services worldwide

5. Automatic N2 purity control

As their partner in Singapore, we have been trained to provide maker-like services and assistance to clients. With a strong market presence, Air Products is clearly an established brand that provides trustworthy equipment.


Combat design, suitable for limited space onboard