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Tamrotor Marine Compressors (TMC Compressors) is the global supplier of air compressors for marine and offshore installations.

With more than 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Tamrotor Marine Compressors is recognized as an innovative brand to help ship-owners save more with their air compressor package.

Since 2012, GIANTECH has been authorized as the Official Singapore Service and Support Centre for Tamrotor Marine Compressors.

As the Official Singapore Service and Support Centre, GIANTECH provides service and spare parts to the customers in the region. We are always on standby to ensure that you get the help you need in the shortest time possible.

The key to trouble-free operation are correct installation and commissioning. Our factory-trained engineers help to set up the compressor accurately in accordance with its application and provide professional maintenance services.

Service Support 24/7

GIANTECH engineers have been factory-trained by the maker to perform high standard services. You can reach them for troubleshooting advice via email or phone.

If you need assistance onboard, our service engineers are on call 24/7 and ready to board the next flight to attend to your request.

Importance of Original Spare Parts

GIANTECH supplies original TMC spare parts to the customers. Benefits of using original spare parts:

  1. Optimize compressor performance
  2. Lead to energy savings and maximize air delivery
  3. Longer life time compared to non-original spares
  4. A condition for maintaining warranty right

Spare Parts Kit

TMC has assembled a complete spare parts kit which contains all parts that should be replaced after a certain number of running hours/ years. On top of this, we keep track of when each component should be serviced / replaced to optimize the compressor functionality.

TMC Products with Person

Benefits of using a spare parts kit:

  1. Lower price
  2. Save time to order and deliver
  3. Reduce vessel downtime to replace spare immediately
  4. No-risk operation
  5. No unnecessary spare parts
  6. Video of instructions for changing the parts included in the kits