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Combustion Control

We provide a wide selection of combustion control spares, which are designed to work compatible with the Inert Gas System. These range of spares are critical to the systems and we have most of them in Singapore warehouse.

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combustion_burner_cone combustion_combustion_chamber combustion_demister

Burner Cone

Combustion Chamber


Our Code: BR37N/BR38N Our Code: A0-3816

combustion_five_way_valve combustion_fuel_oil_pump_basket_filter_element combustion_fuel_oil_pump_star_filter_element

Five Way Valve

Fuel Oil Pump Basket Filter Element

Fuel Oil Pump Star Filter Element

Our Code: AN15N Our Code: BR30N Our Code: BR31N

combustion_fuel_oil_regulating_valve combustion_fuel_oil_regulator_diaphragm combustion_fuel_oil_regulator_oil_seal

Fuel Oil Regulating Valve

Fuel Oil Regulator Diaphragm

Fuel Oil Regulator Oil Seal

Our Code: BR39N Our Code: BR08N/BR47N Our Code: BR09N

combustion_fuel_oil_regulator_rod combustion_glow_plug_beru_408_gs combustion_glow_plug_beru_409_gs

Fuel Oil Regulator Rod

Glow Plug Beru 408 GS

Glow Plug Beru 409 GS

Our Code: BR10N Our Code: BR11N Our Code: BR12N

combustion_ignition_burner_complete combustion_ignition_burner_nozzle combustion_ignition_hose_for_fuel_oil_1_4

Ignition Burner Complete

Ignition Burner Nozzle

Ignition Hose for Fuel Oil 1/4

Our Code: BR14N Our Code: BR19N/BR20N/BR21N Our Code: BR22N

combustion_ignition_transformer_for_glow_plug combustion_ignitors combustion_main_burner_gun

Ignition Transformer for Glow Plug


Main Burner Gun

Our Code: BR28N Our Code: BR35N

combustion_main_burner_hose_for_fuel_oil combustion_main_burner_nozzle combustion_main_burner_nozzle_insert

Main Burner Hose for Fuel Oil

Main Burner Nozzle

Main Burner Nozzle Insert

Our Code: BR24N Our Code: BR26N/BR48N Our Code: BR25N

combustion_oil_filter_for_ignition_pump combustion_cooling_tower_window_gasket combustion_water_spray_nozzle

Oil Filter for Ignition Pump

Cooling Tower Window Gasket

Water Spray Nozzle

Our Code: BR32N Our Code: CT08N Our Code: CT05N/CT06N/CT07N

combustion_oil_filter_insert_for_ignition combustion_fuel_oil_regulating_valve_complete_unit(new) combustion_glow_plug_beru_114g_9volt_ac

Oil Filter Insert for Ignition

Fuel Oil Regulating Valve Complete Unit (new)

Glow Plug Beru 114G 9Volt A.C.

Our Code: BR33N Our Code: BR27N Our Code: BR13N

combustion_ignition_nozzle combustion_b_g_e_4_2 combustion_explosion_proof_cable_gland

Ignition Nozzle


Explosion Proof Cable Gland

Our Code: BR41N Our Code: BR40N Our Code: EX01N

combustion_ignition_burner's_adaptor_for_nozzle combustion_washer_for_ignition_burner's_glow_plug_adaptor combustion_ignition_burner_cover

Ignition Burner's Adaptor for Nozzle

Washer for Ignition Burner's Glow Plug Adaptor

Ignition Burner Cover

Our Code: BR36N Our Code: BR42N Our Code: BR43N

combustion_nozzle_tip combustion_flame_scanner combustion_ignition_burner_hose_adaptor

Nozzle Tip

Flame Scanner

Ignition Burner Hose Adaptor

Our Code: BR46N Our Code: BR49N Our Code: BR17N

 combustion_ignition_burner_cover's_washer combustion_burner_china_hat combustion_kangrim_new_type_flame_sensor

Ignition Burner Cover's Washer

Burner China Hat

Kangrim New Type Flame Sensor

Our Code: BR15N Our Code: BR29N Our Code: BR18N