5 Things About Air Products Norway You Should Know About

Air Products AS (APAS) is one of the many N2 Generators makers supplying N2 systems to the marine and offshore industry.

It has, as at 2019, supplied over 1400 units of its N2 Systems to the marine and offshore market, and commands more than 90% of the supply to LNG carriers worldwide.

Who is APAS exactly, and what does it do? GT Review investigates.

#1: They made the world’s first ever N2 system

The main reason that they have a wide lead over other makers (their closest competitor probably has less than 60% of their numbers), is because APAS started first. Not fair – but that’s the first-mover advantage 🙂

In 1984, they made the world’s first ever marine N2 System for a vessel named Stolt Integrety. Later the next year, they installed the very first offshore N2 system on the Conoco UK Murchison Platform

#2: They were part of another company: Maritime Protection AS

The company based in Kristiansand, Norway was actually started in 1970 as Maritime Protection AS, making IGG systems.

Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand, Norway

It continued to supply IGG, Flue Gas System and N2 Systems to the marine market before it was acquired in 1991 by Air Products in the USA. Currently, the APAS based in Norway operates under the Air Products Organization in the US, while MARITIME PROTECTION AS is under the Survitec Group.
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#3: It makes its Own Membranes

To date, APAS is the only maker we know that produces and integrates its own membranes into their generators.

To date, APAS is the fourth largest industrial gas company in the world.

This article is part of a series of reviews written by GT Review.

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