GIANTECH Engineering

Life-long Caretaker of Your Marine Equipment

Why choose us

20+ years servicing more than 30 000 vessels, Authorized representative for top marine brands, Registered vendor to the largest ship managers, Highly skilled and experiences engineers, and more!

Global Deployment

Our engineers are available for deployment anywhere globally.

Highly Skilled Engineers

Our engineers are qualified and experienced in marine automation

10,000+ Spare Parts

As authorised representative of top marine brands, we carry the most essential spare parts and are able to quote quickly and affordably

30,000+ Vessels Served

With 20 years in the industry, our experience is unmatched

Expedited Service Available

We know that time is money: In the Singapore harbour, our team is ready to go 24/7

AI-based Maintenance Schedules

We use our extensive database to prompt you for repairs before a crisis occurs