BAWAT Mobile Ballast Water Management System

GIANTECH is in collaboration with BAWAT who is a leading provider of ballast water management systems (BWMS), to supply rental units for the BAWAT Mobile BWMS. This is to assist ship managers and owners who need BAWAT’s Ballast Water Treatment Technology on a temporary basis.


BAWAT provides a contingency, port-side ballast water treatment solution, fitted all in a container! They ensure that the ballast water from vessels with inoperable or non-compliant systems can treat their ballast water and discharge it safely. This enables terminal and vessel operators to protect human and planetary health, comply with IMO and USCG ballast water treatment standards to save time and money. BAWAT BWMS

Ballast Water Treatment as a Service

The BWMS Mobile Unit has been deployed in many projects including an Execution of the very first US port 3rd Party Ballast Water Treatment as a Service (T-a-a-S) project in Louisiana. Read More

BWMS Technology for Ports and Habours

Pasteurization technology used by BAWAT to develop a mobile, containerized and self-sufficient solution for efficient ballast water treatment. Based on unique patented technology, that represents maybe the simplest solution to an ecological and regulatory issue within the international shipping industry. Read More

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