Combustion Chamber Replacement / Fabrication

GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd specialises in MOSS and Kangrim Inert Gas Generator (IGG) Systems. Our team of maker-trained service engineers have had more than 18 years of experience with the system. A

Repair Procedure – Auxiliary Boiler Tube Leakage

Boiler tube leakage is a common problem for vessels, and the damage due to such leakages often causes delay in cargo operations. Spend a 30-seconds to understand the common root causes of boiler tube

5 Things about Air Products You Should Know

Pioneer of nitrogen membrane technology in the marine industry 1st company to introduce membrane technology Occupies more than 90% of the global market share of LNG carriers. Delivered the largest off

Critical Spares for IG and N2 Systems

A common question: How to determine what are the spare parts vessels have to keep onboard? 1. Have spares for all the parts. With this option, the shipcrew onboard vessels will have spares available f

5 Simple Steps to Check PV Valve Opening Setting

In this video, you can find our Pres-Vac authorized engineer demonstrating how to check the PV Valve opening setting. Ship crew can follow the listed steps below onboard their vessels for PV valve mai

5 Benefits of Maritime Protection Inert Gas System

Maritime Protection offers a wide range of inert gas systems to the marine and offshore industries as well as designs smart and reliable inert gas systems in accordance to SOLAR convention. Out of t

What is Inert Gas System

What is Inert Gas? Inert Gas is a noble gas that does not undergo chemical reaction with any substances. This non-active characteristic of inert gas makes it the perfect medium to prevent cargo explos

Test Rig for Pressure Vacuum Valve

Denmark maker — Pres-Vac has been offering this useful tool to customers worldwide. This is a useful tool to test Pressure / Vacuum valves as to setting on both pressure and vacuum side. This

How does an Oxygen Analyzer protect your vessel?

Inert gas — a gas or mixture of gases produced and distributed by inert gas system, containing insufficient oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons. Before introducing the inert gas into th

G36 Standby Oxygen Analyzer Brochure

A useful backup oxygen analyzer to be placed onboard. Download the brochure for more technical specifications and product details. * To order, click here Click on the PDF icon to download the Oxyge