GIANTECH Expands Reach with Launch of Engineering Service Centre in China

This year’s Covid-19 disruptions left no industry unimpacted. The shipping industry is not spared too. We understand that vessels are unable to find timely solutions for urgent repairs and dry dock services, especially when there are no reliable equipment engineers onboard. This is especially so in Chinese ports which are some of the busiest in the world. 

We at GIANTECH Engineering fully recognise this concern. As part of our commitment to bring high-quality and efficient solutions, we have already launched an engineering service centre in China so you and your vessels can continue to receive reliable and top-notch services. 

To ease your mind, you can now engage our China team for automation and mechanical repair services. The team has years of experience and training to ensure delivery of unparalleled service. Our improved proximity will ensure that you are secured with solutions providers when faced with unanticipated issues.

Automation service scope includes:

  1. Kangrim IGG/IGS, Incinerators, Boilers
  2. Maritime Protection IGG/IGS
  3. Air Products N2 Systems
  4. Hamworthy MOSS IGG/IGS
  5. Alfa Lava/SMIT IGG/IGS
  6. Saacke Boilers
  7. Aalborg Boilers
  8. Green Shazhou Boilers
  9. Atlas Incinerators

Mechanical service scope includes:

  1. Boroscopic Inspection Service
  2. Retubing Service
  3. Chemical Cleaning Service
  4. Refractory Service
  5. Welding Service

As a well-recognised and reliable service partner, our strategic locations in the two busiest ports in Asia – Singapore and China – ensure that your most pressing vessel needs are attended to quickly with our expert engineers. 

Reach out to us whenever you require technical or spare parts support. You can expect to hear speedy and timely responses from us. 

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