Combustion Chamber Replacement / Fabrication

  • Jul 14, 2016
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GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd specialises in MOSS and Kangrim Inert Gas Generator (IGG) Systems. Our team of maker-trained service engineers have had more than 18 years of experience with the system.

As your reliable service partner, we supply combustion chambers, inner jackets and outer jackets of the IGG systems locally, to ensure that quality standards are maintained. The lead time is 3-4 weeks after your order has been confirmed.

You can refer to the following case study for a better understanding of our IGG products and/or services.

Case Study 1: Combustion Chamber Replacement

On February 2016, 2 of our IG engineers, Jia Lim and Luke Yao, went onboard an 8-year-old, 50,994 dwt vessel, for a combustion chamber replacement service. Working hand in hand with a 3rd party welding team, the replacement work took 8 days to complete, inclusive of the system testing.

A standard combustion chamber would usually be able to effectively maintain stable functionality so that complete combustion can take place. This includes ensuring that the chamber is constantly under high airflow rates and temperatures.

It was found in the case of this vessel that the IGG scrubber tower was leaking as a result of the inner jacket corrosion. In normal circumstances, the leakage can be fixed with simple welding work. However, in this particular case of a badly corroded chamber, the only solution was to replace the whole combustion chamber with a new unit.

Leakage due to the orrosion of Inner Jacket
Removing of the Combustion Chamber

In typical scenarios of combustion chamber leakages, customers can either opt for Off-Charter Repair or Voyage Repair based on the vessel schedule. For Off-Charter Repair, the vessels are easier to work with, and the man-days taken are more manageable since the focus is on the replacement work. For the latter, the service would be carried out along the transit route. During Voyage Repair, the IG cannot be in operation and the vessel will not be able to load or unload cargo. In addition, hot work must be allowed for the Voyage Repair as the deck needs to be open so as to extract the old and subsequently replace the old with a new combustion chamber.

Due to the tight schedule of this particular vessel, a Voyage Repair was thus a more desirable option.


Complete Set of Combustion Chamber
Burner Cone

GIANTECH Engineering fabricated the Combustion Chamber locally 

As an experienced IG company, we did a precise fabrication locally based on the specifications of the chamber. With our close supervision during the fabrication process, we were able to ensure that the new combustion chamber fits well on the scrubber top.

After the replacement, the IG system was tested and resumed satisfactory operation.

New Combustion Chamber welded to the Scrubber top

At GIANTECH, we provide more than just reliable service and spare parts support, and we will continue to work hard to bring value-added service to our clients.