Critical Spares for IG and N2 Systems

  • Aug 19, 2015
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A common question: How to determine what are the spare parts vessels have to keep onboard?

1. Have spares for all the parts.

With this option, the shipcrew onboard vessels will have spares available for immediate replacement in times of unexpected system breakdown and this reduces vessel downtime. However, is this really a cost efficient solution for shipowners and shipmanagers? GIA thinks not. 

2. Have nothing.

With this option, no additional costs will be incurred since no spares are purchased. However, vessels run the risk of extended downtimes since immediate replacement of faulty parts is not possible without spares available onboard. Is this then a viable solution? GIA thinks not. 

We fully understand the dilemma vessel owners face when trying to answering the above question, and here’s GIA’s attempt to ease the dilemma  – Critical Spare Parts List. 

As the authorized service agent of major equipment makers, we have developed a Critical Spare Parts List for our equipment – Inert Gas System, Flue Gas System, Nitrogen Generator System, and Pressure Vacuum Valve. These lists are put together and finalized after years of hands-on experience and intensive discussions conducted with makers, and we hope our esteemed customers, like you, will find the below resources useful.

What are critical spare parts? 

Critical spare parts are parts within a critical equipment which will badly affect or even stop vessel operation when it fails to function normally.

Affected and/or halted operation leads to time wastage, and more importantly financial losses. Thus, in Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), availability of critical spare parts has been proven to be extremely important because they allow for immediate spare parts replacement by the shipcrew in an event of unexpected system breakdown, and hence reducing vessel downtime.

What should you do? 

GIA advises all to keep at least one set of critical spare parts onboard vessels.

For wear and tear parts i.e. parts are inevitably damaged during normal operation, please consult our engineers for further guidance/assistance.

Air Products Critical Spare Parts List pdf button

Kangrim Critical Spare Parts List pdf button

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