GIA Engineering D.O.O

Fully operational since 2018, GIANTECH’s Croatian division – GIA Engineering D.O.O operates out of the beautiful port city of Rijeka, Croatia, strategically located to serve Europe-based vessels more efficiently and effectively within a shorter period of time.

Our Croatian service centre specialises in a wide variety of boilers, burners and incinerator inspections, repairs and dry dock services, with engineers having more than 10 years of experience in the marine industry. With this wealth of expertise, you can have a peace of mind as GIA Engineering D.O.O service centre provides a reliable one-stop solution for your ships’ equipment.

Our Services

Our team in Croatia is led by Mr. Babeli Zlatko, who has more than 25 years of experience in marine boiler and incinerator repair services.

Equipped with years of extensive service experience, Mr. Babeli understands the needs of different vessels based on equipment operations and functionality, customising service offerings based on each vessel’s needs:

1. Annual Inspections/Health Check Services 

An increasingly popular service that feeds ship managers and shipowners with detailed updates about equipment condition. A professional engineer inspects the systems annually to minimise chances of downtime caused by equipment failure or errors. Ship crew training can also be conducted when time permits.

2. Pre-docking Inspection 

Plan efficiently for vessel dry docking with our pre-docking inspection services. We provide constructive technical recommendations for necessary services and spare parts prior to dry docking, generating cost savings for many of our clients.

3. Dry Dock Services

We work with ship managers and ship owners to provide boiler & incinerator docking services at shipyards across Europe, Turkey, UAE, Poland and many more locations the region. From calibration to full-system testing, we aim to provide clients with a comprehensive range of dry dock services.

4. Repair Services 

The service team has easy accessibility to ports across Europe, the UAE, Turkey, Poland and more, providing immediate and convenient support to attend to your vessel needs.

5. Troubleshooting Advice 

We provide troubleshooting advice, ensuring technical support in times of need.

Sunflame Burners and Incinerators (Authorised)


Trained by Sunflame in May 2019, our service engineers ensure a high service standard delivered with utmost care and precision. As an authorised service agent for Sunflame, we provide our clients with unparalleled professional expertise and quality, with access to skills from a team of experienced technical personnel.

Other brands of equipment that we service include:

  1. Saacke Boilers 
  2. Kangrim Boiler & Incinerators 
  3. Aalborg Boilers
  4. Osaka Boilers
  5. Miura Boilers
  6. Oilon Burners
  7. Volcano Burners
  8. Weishaupt Burners

As a reliable and cost-efficient service centre in Europe and situated strategically with frequent flights available, GIA Engineering D.O.O has the ability to attend your requests immediately, especially if your vessels are trading around Europe, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Rotterdam, Poland or Turkey.

For more enquiries on what services GIA Engineering D.O.O can provide for your vessels in Europe, reach out to us at / or call us at +65 6316 8595.