Classification as Essential Service: GIANTECH Continues Boilers and IG repairs in Singapore Port

We wish to inform all ship-owners and managers that as of 6th April 2020, GIANTECH has been classified by the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry a essential service and we may continue operations in our provision of service and spares for boilers, inert gas systems (including N2) and incinerators to vessels within Singapore waters.

We seek all our Singapore suppliers, contractors and partners to submit their application via promptly to enable continue dealings.

Please note that because of on-going travel restrictions and lack of flights from Singapore, we are limited in our abilities to assist our customers for vessel outside Singapore. We are supporting our customers out of reach at these times with remote advise and we will try our best to assist such vessels in any ways we can.

We thank everyone again for their best support in this challenging times and wish all the best in their health and safety.

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