How Does an Oxygen Analyzer Protect Your Vessel?

Aug 07, 2014

Inert gas — a gas or mixture of gases produced and distributed by inert gas system, containing insufficient oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons. Before introducing the inert gas into the cargo tanks, it is important to maintain the oxygen content at 5% or less. This is to prevent the cargo from exploding.

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An oxygen analyzer has an important role in maintaining the safety aboard a gas carrier. When topping up inert gas into the cargo tanks, particular attention must be paid to maintain an oxygen content level of 5% or less in the inert gas supply. This is achieved by monitoring and recording the measurements displayed by the oxygen analyzer.

Brief Introduction to Oxygen Analyzers

  • Oxygen Analyzers provide accurate and continuous measurement of oxygen level for Inert Gas Systems (IGS) through producing signals to control the fuel oil capacity. This is imperative to the safety of cargo operation.

  • They also act as part of the safety features of the Inert Gas System by closing the delivery valve to stop the delivery of inert gas to the tank when oxygen content is above the alarm set point, hence keeping the oxygen level within the safe range.

Why purchase a standby Oxygen Analyzer?

It is recommended to have another functional oxygen analyzer onboard for switchover purpose when the existing oxygen analyzer breaks down. Breakdown of analyzers can cause off charter and they have to be replaced immediately. With an extra oxygen analyzer on standby that can be switched over within seconds, it offers redundancy and owners can benefit from uninterrupted system operation.

Features of Our Oxygen Analyzer:

The analyzer is equipped with a plug and play sensor, unlike many existing ones which require dismantlement of equipment.

  • Compatible with most Inert Gas Systems.

  • Equipped with a changeover switch.

  • User-friendly and easy installation. Standby analyzer can be activated by just turning the changeover switch. Simple and instantly operational.

  • Functionalities superior to existing oxygen analyzer but more competitively priced.

  • Long term sensor stability and easy sensor replacement.

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