Trailer-Mounted Boilers

Nationwide Boiler boasts the world’s largest trailer-mounted rental boiler
125,000 lb/hr or 57 ton/hr and offers trailer-mounted boiler rental systems ranging in size from 30,000 lb/hr to 125,000 lb/hr (14 ton/hr to 57 ton/hr) with operating pressures from 300 – 750 psi or 21 Bar – 52 Bar (gas and/or #2 oil firing), including superheat units.

Our boiler rentals are designed as completed engineered “flange-to-flange” solutions, saving you time and valuable resources when compared to other rental companies.

Mobile Steam Plants

Nationwide Boiler carries both mobile steam plants on an open-trailer and mobile boiler rooms in an enclosed van, ranging in size from 47.5 – 1,000 HP, with operating pressures from 150 – 290 psi (10 Bar to 20 Bar).

The complete mobile steam plant systems typically feature a duplex water softener, chemical feed and blowdown system, and all valving and controls required for complete steam room operation. Electrical controls meet FM and NFPA 85 requirements.

Skid Mounted Boilers

For projects that require a smaller footprint, skid-mounted rental boilers are offered with capacities up to 200,000 lb/hr (91 ton/hr) and operating pressure to 750 psig or 52 Bar (superheat and hot water boilers are readily available).

These boilers can be shipped anywhere in the world and Nationwide Boiler offers several different delivery options to meet any time frame.

Auxiliary Equipment

In addition to the variety of boilers available for rent from Nationwide Boiler, we also maintain a large inventory of auxiliary equipment needed to complete a temporary or permanent steam supply system. Among these are mobile water treatment vans, skid-mounted duplex water softeners, deaerators, CataStak™ SCR systems for ultra low NOx emissions, EconoStak economizers, and more. You can depend on Nationwide Boiler to be your single source supplier for everything you need to quickly get your steam system up and running again with little downtime – saving you time and resources.

Catastak SCR Systems

The CataStak™ SCR system was originally tested on numerous watertube boilers in Nationwide Boiler’s rental fleet and is proven to reduce NOx emission up to 99%. It not only reduces NOx emissions, but also provides increased operating efficiency, better turndown than ultra low NOx burners, and simplicity. The CataStak™ can easily be retrofitted on any existing system.

Today, the CataStak SCR system has been installed in over 160 applications, ranging from package boilers, fired heaters, gas turbines, and more. The Ammonia-Free CataStak was developed with a safe and readily available urea reagent for users adverse to ammonia handling and storage requirements.

Econostak Economizers

A proven method of immediate efficiency gains is reducing flue gas temperature. Flue gas temperature is the temperature of combustion gases that exit a boiler’s stack.  EconoStak economizers, supplied by Nationwide Boiler, are used to capture and transfer the heat of the flue gas to preheat feedwater back into the boiler.  In most instances, a decrease of the flue gas temperature by 40°F, increases efficiency by one percentage point, resulting in significant cost-savings.

An EconoStak consists of an economizer and all of the associated piping and structural supports required for very efficient and safe operation. It is a fabricated assembly of finned tubing that uses hot stack gases to heat the boiler feedwater. The EconoStak reduces stack emissions and thermal pollution, as well as provides fuel cost savings.