Why Incinerate?

Incineration is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of garbage and sludge oil. There are now environmental regulations in many countries calling for increasingly stringent environmental control to dispose of garbage and sludge oil.

About ATLAS Incinerators

With over 40 years and over 9,000 installations worldwide (both on & offshore), Atlas Incinerators are in the business of producing high quality, 3-chamber incinerators. It has reputation for making one of the most reliable and operationally cost-efficient incinerators in the market. The design and engineering team have always focused on easy-to-operate designs, so the typical maintenance headaches incinerators often cause with items such as filters and exhaust fans do not exist on Atlas’s incinerators. Atlas’s incinerators are environmentally-friendly through its unique three-chambered design.

Why Atlas Incinerators?

• Induced draught air ejector for evacuation of flue gasses so Flue Gas Fan is not required

• Settling tank not necessary

• Burning oil sludge with up to 50% water without pilot fuel

• 3-chambered design provides a clean burn

• Atlas-designed sludge burner with no rotating parts

• Simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste

Skid-Mounted solutions

  • Suitable for land applications under a roof with easy installation
  • Standard equipment include:
  • Incinerator
  • Sludge Oil Mixing Tank & Diesel Oil Tank
  • All interconnecting pipelines, electric cables and necessary components are mounted on a common base frame.
  • The skid is made of strong steel profiles. Steel brackets with lifting eyes are welded on the skid for hoisting or moving the incineration plant.

Containerised solutions

  • A containerised solution is the perfect solution where space is restricted
  • This solution is also chosen for retrofits
  • Standard equipment include:
  • Incinerator in ISO Standard Container Unit(s)
  • Sludge Oil Mixing Tank & Diesel Oil Tank
  • Lighting System
  • CO2, argonite or water mist Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Ventilation & Flue Gas Funnel
  • External Emergency Stop
  • External Flange Box for all Pipe Connections etc.

Incinerator specifications:

  • Combustion capacity: 209kW to 2,400kW
  • Combustion capacity solid wates: 150 L/ charge to 500 L/ charge
  • Combustion capacity liquid waste (@20% water content): 24 l/ h to 270 l/h