Watertube Boilers

Nationwide’s packaged watertube boilers feature Babcock & Wilcox boilers in a range of sizes.

The table shows the typical arrangements for Nationwide’s packaged watertube boilers.

CapacityTypeDesign PressureTemperatureNBI Model
235,000 lb/hrD 650 or 350 psigSaturated235-B&W-D-650SAT
200,000 lb/hrD750 psig / 750FSuperheat200-B&W-D-750SH
150,000 lb/hrD350 psigSaturated150-B&W-D-350SAT
125,000 lb/hrD350 psigSaturated125-B&W-D-350SAT
110,000 lb/hrO750 psig  / 750FSuperheat110-B&W-O-750SH
100,000 lb/hrD350 psigSaturated100-B&W-D-350SAT
82,500 lb/hrD350 psigSaturated82-B&W-D-350SAT
75,000 lb/hrO750 psig / 750FSuperheat75-B&W-O-750SH
75,000 lb/hrO750 psigSaturated75-B&W-O-750SAT
75,000 lb/hrD350 psigSaturated75-B&W-D-350SAT
50,000 lb/hrD350 psigSaturated50-B&W-D-350SAT
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Firetube Boilers

Nationwide offers new and in-stock, packaged firetube boilers featuring Superior boilers in a range of sizes. Our stock units are skid-mounted and range in size from 47.5 hp to 475 hp.

Two of our standard units, rated at 47.5 hp and 119 hp and designed at 150 psig, are factory integrated with a pre-piped and wired duplex feedwater tank and blowdown separator with after-cooler. These boilers also include a sub 9 ppm ultra-low NOx burner system, in addition to being outdoor rated for temperate climates.

Our 475 hp Superior stock boiler-only packages are also rated at 150 psig design. These boiler include sub 7 ppm NOx burner systems and are outdoor rated.

CapacityTypeDesign PressureFuel
47.5 hpPre-piped System150 psigGas
119 hp Pre-piped System150 psigGas
475 hpBoiler Only150 psigGas