Power Flame Burners


Power Flame offers “Design and Build” commercial and industrial burners capable of converting liquid or gaseous fuels into useable energy.

Product lines cover input capacities from 400,000 to 93,000,000 BTU/ hour.

Combustion systems are offered for:

  • Retrofit Systems that replace existing combustion equipment with new, state of the art systems
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) applications that relate to new packaged energy generating systems


In addition to state-of-the-art combustion systems, it offers a wide range of operating control systems which can vary from simple relay-based logic to microprocessor-based controls to sophisticated PLC applications.

Power Flame – Products

1. Commercial / Industrial burners

  • Type AC
  • Type C
  • Type CMAX
  • Type Ultra CMAX
  • Type HAC
  • Type JA
  • Type Vector
  • Type X4 Micro Burner


2. NOVA Low NOx

  • Type NP2 – NOVA Plus 2
  • Type NPM – NOVA Premix
  • Type NVC – NOVA Plus


3. Process/ Air Handling

  • Type CX
  • Type FD
  • Type FDM


4. Management Systems

  • Varicam Fuel Metering
  • Director Management
  • Linkageless Control
  • Instrumentation & Control; Systems
  • Fuel Transport System

Power Flame – Product details

1. Commercial and Industrial Burners

  • Quality micro burners, forced draft etc
  • Models CMax, Ultra CMax, AC, C, Vector, HAC, JA, X4 etc
  • Multi-fuel firing capability: Gas, Oil (light/ heavy) & Gas-Oil, depending on burner type
  • Type C and CR Burners with Induced
    Flue Gas Recirculation (IFGR)
  • Capacity: 72,000 – 50,400,000 Btu/ hr (single burner), depending on burner
  • Turndowns: 3:1 (type X4, JA, C), 10:1 gas (type JA HTD, C HTD, AC, HAC, CMax, Vector); 8:1 oil (type AC, HAC, CMax) and 11:1 gas (type X4M HTD)

2. NOVA Low NOx Burner

  • NOVA Low NOx products provide proven NOx solutions
  • Models NP2 – NOVA Plus 2, NPM – NOVA Premix, NVC – NOVA Plus etc
  • Fuel : gas
  • Low Nox – 9 PPM
  • Capacity: 320,000 to 50,400,000 Btu/ hr (single burner)




3. Process/ Air Handling Burner

  • Fuelled by gas for indirect or direct firing
  • Models CX, FD, FDM etc
  • Capacity: 24,000 to 4,000,000 Btu/hr, depending on burner type
  • Turndown: 20:1 (type FDM) & 30:1 (FD)
  • Fuel: gas





4. Burner Management Systems

  • Management systems for control, metering and fuel transport
  • Optional features & burner support systems for entire combustion systems
  • Varicam system, cam actuated fuel metering device, has been designed to meet requirement for more sophisticated fuel-air ratio control of commercial/ industrial burners
  • Director® Graphic Systems Management offers high-quality graphic annunciation of critical burner functions
  • A variety of linkageless systems designed to control the air and fuel ratio of the burner more closely
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems facilitates integration with selected operating components
  • Fuel Transport Systems design includes fuel & compressed air transportation requirements for the air atomizing combustion system


5. Solutions for Water Tube boiler packages

  • Solutions for Gas/ Oil Fired Water Tube Boilers: several proven solutions available for gaseous or liquid fired water tube packaged boilers
  • Windbox style burners in the Vector and ultra low NOx CSB models
  • Gun style burners in the CMax, Ultra CMax and Nova Plus models
  • Available with control options such as Director SCS etc.