Maritime Borders


Maritime boundaries, what are they? Just like how the world is divided into several countries by imaginative boundaries, the world’s oceans are divided based on geopolitical criteria as well. These boundaries are termed maritime boundaries.

Who decided maritime boundaries and based on what they are divided? Maritime boundaries are usually either determined by the United Nations or by an agreement between 2 or more nations sharing the common waters.The united nations states that any nation may claim sovereignty over all waters within 12 nautical miles. These waters are considered part of the country itself and the country may conduct military exercises, fish, etc. within these boundaries.

In the past there have been several conflicts due to these maritime boundaries. As there is no actual physical landmark to tell people that they have entered a different country’s waters, fishermen caught in storms often accidentally enter other country’s waters provoking retaliation from the country. There have been several such conflicts in the past particularly between neighbouring countries.

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