Bringing Big Data Analytics to Ship Owners in Singapore

As part of GIANTECH ENGINEERING’s commitment to bringing the smartest solutions for ship owners in Singapore, it is not enough to leverage on hardware provisions alone. This is why we have identified Nautilus Labs as a competitive software analytics solution that we believe to be critical in achieving true ROI from your vessel capital expenditures and ensuring ultimate operational efficiency across your fleet. 

We have identified Nautilus as an important player to keep an eye on in the marine industry as their trailblazing offering might just set the stage for a new norm using ultrasmart ship operations. Nautilus works as a single source of truth, giving all teams and stakeholders access to the same data. The unification ultimately drives transparency, accountability and collaboration allowing shipping companies to strive for operational excellence. Nautilus enables its clients to improve sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (while increasing profitability).

Giantech is capable of working in close collaboration with companies like Nautilus Labs to deliver maximum value to forward-thinking clients who are interested in understanding how to get the most value from their fleet-base. Together, Nautilus Labs and Giantech are able to unlock tremendous value for mutual clients, from seamless hardware installation and data transmission to delivering impactful recommendations on the data being collected. All of which enables users to make the most informed decision at the click of a button.

For more information on how to best leverage the data you are obtaining from Giantech-installed hardware and how Nautilus Labs can support your business, please reach out to [email protected].



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