Pres-Vac IMO 1324 Conversion Kit Installation Instructions

  • Apr 28, 2014
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This conversion kit is suitable for installation on Pres-Vac vacuum valve type HS-ISO-VAC and is in compliance with the requirements of IMO and MED including applied standards IMO 677/1009/1324, ISO 15364:2000 & 2007, EN12874, and EN ISO 16852. The standard provides general guidelines and, in particular, recommendations for maintenance.

Installation Instructions

The Vacuum Valve type HS-ISO-VAC before installation of conversion kit.
1.  Unscrew bolts and remove washers and the flame screen cover.
The bolts, washer and spindle will not be used again.


DO NOT unscrew the vac-seat / housing bolts

  2.  The flame screen will come down, lift up the spindle and mesh element 3mm and slice it to the side and it will come down to.

Clean the connection flange with a clean cloth, if dirty.

3.  Insert the new spindle through the new mesh element and mount the head of the spindle into the slot in the valve seat as shown on the picture on the left.


4.  Slide the new mesh element up and flush it to the flange of valve house.


5.  Mount the flame screen cover with the new bolts and washers.
The bolts have to be secured by a suitable

adhesive, such as PRES-VAC part no: 1323-8

Loctite no. 243
Check that the spindle can run up and down while you tighten the four bolts.

6.  Check-lift the valve to verify unobstructed movement of the vacuum disc.
Correct installation of the conversion kit is tested, by check-lifting the movable parts, by means of pushing the check lift knob. The check lift is designed to be self-closing.

The attending crew must be familiar with the normal friction in the system in order to evaluate if the parts move without friction. Being able push the check lift knob itself by applying great force does not mean that the moveable body is freely moving.


* Information taken from Pres-Vac Engineering Aps.
Download the full instruction Manual here pdf button