Pres Vac: Warning Against Non-Approved Modification to Pres-Vac Valves

Apr 25, 2014

Non-approved modification of Pres-Vac PV valves will void type approval certificate and violate IMO and SOLAS requirements.

New safety requirements for PV valves on Chemical Tankers as stated in the IMO MSC.1/Circ.1324 regulations have led to third party companies and repair shops offering “modification kits” that are not approved for modification of Pres-Vac PV valves. Modification of any component will make type approval certificate void, resulting in loss of type approval of the complete valve covered by the certificate.

As the Official Service & Repair Centre of Pres-Vac in Singapore, conversion kits offered by GIA are approved and fullfil SOLAS requirements.
Our status as the Authorised Pres-Vac Service Centre can be verified on the Pres-Vac website.

We have highlighted to our customers to be aware of the differences between Pres-Vac valves upgraded using original Pres-Vac type approved IIB upgrading kit and “modification kits” from third-part companies.

For more information, download it here

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