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Marine Demister

I. Mesh Wire Demister 

Model : 316 or 316L.

Functionality :

A. Reduce loss of valuable chemicals

B. Increase throughput capacity

C. Improve product purity

D. Eliminate contamination

E. Provide equipment protection

F. Prevent air pollution


II. Vane Demister 

Vane Demisters often offers the best solution if the mist contains:

A. Solid particulate

B. Viscous, sticky liquids

C. Large slugs of liquid


Products are manufactured from knitted materials with interlocking asymmetrical loops of metal or plastic (typical diameters are 0.1 – 0.3mm). By careful choice of wire diameter, we have produced demisters with extremely high free volumes (typically 98 – 99%) along with very high removal efficiency and low pressure drop.

Optimal choice of materials will also ensure the demisters in your marine scrubbers and engines last for a extended time without the need for replacement.

Made entirely in the UK (Cert of Origin available), we also have the most attractive prices, comparable with India, Japan or China manufacturers.

Please submit dimensions and drawings for quotes.

Click here to download the demister enquiry check list and submit enquiries to [email protected].

Wire Mesh Rolls

Our Code: CT09N

Wire Mesh of various materials for marine and ceramic packing uses.

Comes in:

  • 304
  • 316
  • 316L

Please contact us for stock availability.

Wet Filter

Our Code: CT03N/CT04N

Wet Filter 1492mm O/D x 458mm I/D x 200mm Depth (250mm w grids) 10 sections; 144kg/m3      (Our Code: CT03N)

Wet Filter 1792mm O/D x 566mm I/D x 200mm Depth (250mm w grids) 10 sections; 144kg/m3      (Our Code: CT04N)

Demister, Type 4

Our Code: CT10N

Demister, Type 4

Diameter 4″ x 4″ Thick