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Air Filter

Our Code: AN02N

Air Filter for Inert Gas Sample to analyser

Inert Gas Generator part

This is the air filter for inert gas before the analyser, filter cartridges can be replaced inside.

Air Filter Cartridge

Our Code: AN01N

Air Filter Cartridge for Inert Gas Sample to Analyser

These filter cartridges are replaceable and are used to filter out remaining contaminants in the inert gas sample before the analyser.

Bubbling Unit c/w Filter Housing

Our Code: AN22N

Bubbler unit for cleaning of sample gas.

For: Hamworthy Inert Gas Generator, O2 Analyser for brands including Servomex 790, Servomex 1800, Hitech, SBS Oxygen analyser calibration panels.

Filter Elements (set of 5)

Our Code: AN20N

Filter elements in sets of five for O2 Anaylsers for MOSS and Kangrim Inert Gas Systems using the SBS and GI O2 anaylsers.

O2 Sensor Unit Insulation Cup (pair)

Our Code: AN17N/AN18N

O2 Sensor Unit Insulation Cup for O2 Analyser sensor 790 series Servomex

Product Our Code
O2 Sensor Unit Insulation cup (pair) AN17N
O2 Sensor Unit Insulation cup OEM (pair) AN18N

Servomex Control Unit Meter

Our Code: AN08N

Servomex Interconnecting P.C.B 00715907

For Servomex O2 Anaylser 790

Used onboard Hamworthy Moss IGG Systems

Servomex Interconnecting P.C.B

Our Code: AN09N

Servomex Interconnecting P.C.B 00715907

For Servomex O2 Anaylser 790 series, used with Servomex Zirconia Sensor (our code: AN10N).
Used onboard Hamworthy MOSS Inert Gas Generators/Systems.

Servomex Zirconia Sensor

Our Code: AN10N

The Servomex Zirconia Oxygen OEM kits offer high performance oxygen measurements

Technology used: Oxygen – Servomex’ unique zironia cell, which offers an accurate and fast response measurement in a design that gives an exceptionally long service life.


  • Very fast response for breath by breath oxygen analysis
  • Consistent Nernst output
  • Compact and robust design
  • Electronics: ‘Constant Power’ circuit allows use of unstabilised supply voltage to control electronics

Transistor O2 Analyser

Our Code: AN16N

Base: Other Tubebase in general

Part no. MJ3001

Filament: Solid State

Description: NPN silicon diffusion planar darlington transistor intended as AF power amplifier

Dimensions: 26 x 39 x 9 mm / 1.02 x 1.54 x 0.35 inch (WHD)

Weight: 12g / 0.42 oz

G36 Oxygen Analyser

GIA offers two options for implementing the new G36 O2 Analyser into your IG system onboard your vessels. Both options are convenient and can be completed in one day.

Teledyne Oxygen Sensor

Our Code: AN45N
Micro-fuel cell, Class E-2 Oxygen Sensor
Part No.:  C57283-E3

Application: Long life cell for use is the Model 3290 (for use in unattended air liquefaction nitrogen skids)

Dwyer Flowmeter

Our Code: AN41N

Dwyer Flowmeter, Range: 50-500 cc/min AIR RMA-12-SSV


  • Easy-to-read design
  • Accurate and repeatable readings
  • Simple installation
  • Easy-to-interchange bodies


  1. Service: Compatible with gases and liquids
  2. Temperature limit: 130°F (54°C)
  3. Pressure limit: 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  4. Accuracy: RMA: 4%; RMB: 3%; RMC: 2% of full-scale
  5. Weight: RMA: 4 oz (113.4 g); RMB: 13 oz (368.5 g); RMC: 39 oz (1105.6 g)

Parker Air Filter & Regulator

Our Code: AN44N

Parker Air Filter & Regulator AFR 420-15 – Complete Set

P/N AFR420-15
Nominal Body Size 1/2” 12.7mm
Port Size Rc1/2
Element 5 micron
Drain Manual
Bowl Polycarbonate
Bowl Guard With quick release
Regulator Type Bleed

Working Temperature: 0 – 60 Degreee CWorking Pressure: 7 -120 PSI
AFR420: 116 mL
Visibility: 360 degree visibility of water level
Regulator Adjustment: By non-rising lockable knob

O2 Analyser 100-230VAC

Our Code: AN36N

O2 Analyser 100-230VAC

Type G36i for Inert Gas

Part No.: 01241 / Old Part No.: 00728

Bubbler Unit for Gas Sample

Our Code: AN11N

Bubbler Unit for Gas Sample

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 23cm height, 6cm diameter

Teledyne Analyser Air Filter Cartridge

Our Code: AN33N

Teledyne Analyser Air Filter Cartridge (AGF-PV-30-F25)

Type F25
Filter element PTFE sintered
Material PTFE
Retention Rate 25um
Filter Surface 60 cm2
Part No. 4102013
Package 5 pieces

Cable Glands M20

Our Code: AN34N

Cable Glands M20  Part No.: 01047

The cable glands are used to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipment.

Filter Cartridge for Pre Filter

Our Code: AN31N

Filter Cartridge for Pre Filter

Part No: 00980

These filter cartridges are replaceable and are an important pre-filter to remove contaminants from the inert gas sample.

Bubble Glass Tube

Our Code: AN24N

Bubble Glass Tube Part No.: 00379

The glass tube is used to clean the sample gas and acts as an indicator.