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PR Box

We are able to supply all units of the PR Boxes needed with programming inside for your inert gas parts needs, both for Moss IGG and others.

Product Our Code
2202 R2D  R/I Transmitter  24VDC, Lin.R PN17N
2204 DRD  Isolation Amplifer  24VDC PN19N
PR2237 Trip Amplifier 24VDC PN20N
PR2238 Dual Trip Amplifier 24VDC PN21N
2279 N2D  AC/DC  Transmitter  24VDC PN22N
2281 Ramp Generator, 24 VDC                                 In/Out: Programmable PN23N
2284 — D1   Isolation Amplifer   24VDC PN24N
2289A   Programmable Signal Caculator 24VDC PN25N
PR4116 + PR4501 Programmable Universal Trans, Universal Programming & Display Front PN36N

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