Hamworthy MOSS IGG / IGS

Hamworthy MOSS IGG/IGS

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Hamworthy MOSS was a leading worldwide marine engineering company, centred on management of fluid and gas systems for ships and offshore environments, which are vital for marine safety.

With the significant number of vessels equipped with Hamworthy MOSS Inert Gas systems, after-sales servicing and support become a critical issue.

GIANTECH, with relations to GIA (read more) was founded by Mr Goh, who was the senior marine engineer from Hamworthy MOSS IG systems. We have provided services to countless MOSS IG systems for the past twenty years since 2001.

We mainly carry out system repairs and maintenance for the vessels. Additionally, to meet the urgent needs of vessels, we have built up our spare parts inventory locally – supplying both genuine and OEM spares. Visit our Store here.

Our team of engineers is well-trained and qualified to perform repair and maintenance for IGG services. With available ex-stock, we are equipped to resolve system failures efficiently.

To help the vessels optimize system functionality, we launched the cost-effective Health Check Attendance Service (HCA) in 2013. This annual inspection has successfully enabled the early detection of system malfunction and hence reduces vessel downtime.

Keep your vessel in top condition with our services