Other Services

GIANTECH also offers the following services:

    1. TMC Air Compressor
    2. Combustion Chamber
    3. Impeller Dynamic Balancing
    4. FD Fan Dynamic Balancing
    5. Bacharach Test

TMC Air Compressor

GIANTECH was the authorised service agent of TMC from 2012-2018. Engineers were maker-trained to deliver reliable service to the vessels to ensure the Air Products N2 systems’ optimal functionality.

Through close working relationship with makers, we supply genuine spare parts from Singapore.

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Combustion Chamber

GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd specialises in MOSS and Kangrim Inert Gas Generator (IGG) Systems. Our team of maker-trained service engineers have had more than 23 years of experience with the system.

As your reliable service partner, we supply combustion chambers, inner jackets and outer jackets of the IGG systems locally, to ensure that quality standards are maintained. The lead time is 3-4 weeks after your order has been confirmed.

Service engineer is capable of supervising the combustion chamber renewal process, providing guidance mechanical team to ensure appropriate and smooth replacement. Once the replacement is done, the engineer will run the IGG for testing.

IG Blower Impeller / Boiler Motor & Fan Dynamic Balancing

Corrosion, wear and dust attachment can damage IG blower impellers. This damage can cause its imbalance, which becomes the source of abnormal vibrations onboard. Excessive vibrations cause wear and tear in the motor by inducing high stress on the shaft, reducing its life expectancy. Vibrations can also be transmitted to neighboring equipment, compromising their performance.

To minimize the damage, regular checking is necessary. The sooner a problem is detected, the lower the cost of repair.

Generally, there are 2 common reasons why abnormal vibrations occur:

Case 1: Vibrations due to foreign matter attachment
In this case, the foreign matter should be cleaned and removed completely. This can be performed by the ship crew.

Case 2: Vibrations due to corrosion and wear & tear
In this case, the impeller should be sent for repair or replacement. Keep in mind that repair and balance weight welding can cause cracks on the materials and should be performed only by experts with proper tools.

For Case 2 which requires special repair and balancing, you are encouraged to disassemble and unload the IG blower impeller at GIANTECH’s workshop. We have a team of specialists to inspect, test, repair and balance the damaged impeller.

Our scope of services include:

  • Cleaning of impellers for inspections and repairs
  • Crack detection tests with report
  • Stainless Steel Welding and grinding damaged area to smooth profile
  • Dynamic balancing

Bacharach Test (True Spot Smoke Tester)

Accurate smoke readings in less than one minute.

  • Quickly checks smoke level in inert / flue gases
  • Can save combustion equipment and electronic analyzers from soot damage

The True Spot® smoke test method has long been recognized as the accepted standard for oil burner smoke tests. Testing the smoke content of inert/flue gases takes less than one minute and is easily determined using the smoke scale included with the instrument.

The True Spot® is an indispensable part of any oil burner service job.

High smoke levels can:

  • Cause premature failure in combustion appliances/equipment
  • Damage relatively expensive electronic combustion analyzers
  • Indicate excessive fuel usage