Boilers & Burners Spare Parts

When your boiler breaks down, there is one crucial part to check: The boiler burner. Having a spare part at hand greatly reduces the time required for replacement. At GIANTECH, we offer a comprehensive supply of boiler and burner spare parts from different makers.

A ready stock of critical boiler spares from pre-eminent suppliers ensures that your requests are addressed with the shortest lead time, with the highest quality. In an emergency, your vessels will be able to access these spare parts easily.

No matter where your vessels are in the world, and no matter whether you are seeking critical spare parts urgently or to acquire a back up, we have you covered. Our resources are located all over the world so you can choose to have your products delivered at any convenient port.

GIANTECH is the authorized distributor for:

Sunflame Burners

Sunflame is a world leading manufacturer of the rotary cup burner; gaining the top spot with an exceptional policy of “THINK FIRST, to fulfill the customers’ needs and expectations”. Echoing this sentiment, GIANTECH is pleased to serve as the authorised distributor and exclusive service centre in Singapore.

Purchase with a peace of mind with GIANTECH

Parts offered are genuine spare parts directly from Sunflame with high standards of quality control.

Get the technical support you need

As the trusted distributor and service partner of Sunflame, GIANTECH aims to serve and provide immediate technical support for any spare parts or service enquiry worldwide.

Waste no time

All products offered by GIANTECH can be shipped worldwide with as minimal lead time as possible.

Every Sunflame product and part is designed with the company’s principles in mind- better efficiency, environmental friendliness and greater usability. The company has then paired it with a meticulous approach to manufacturing to ensure a high level of quality that is well recognised by the industry. With over 30 years of industrial experience and proven track records in even the most extreme conditions, you can be assured that you are getting the best for your vessel.

Sunflame Rotary Cup, Hub unit and Oil feeder

We also supply spare parts for:

  1. Kangrim
  2. Aalborg
  3. Saacke
  4. Mitsubishi
  5. Green Power
  6. Sunflame
  7. Oilon
  8. Volcano
  9. Weishaupt
  10. Hamworthy