Tanker Visit at Singapore Anchorage

23rd September 2009 Wednesday 0900hrs to 1900hrs

Left office to Marina South Pier for vessel.

Found out from electrical officer that the system was unable to run full capacity.

Test the signal from the main panel – found signal in working condition, but the valve was not open/close accordingly.

Found that the blower outlet valve actuator air leakage, causing the valve to malfunction.

Dismantle the blower outlet valve actuator, found it was previously repaired by other party but was not installed back properly, as shaft clip of the actuator was not in place, and one of the actuator bottom O-ring was missing.

The actuator repair kit spare which the vessel has was wrong size, so we will get the correct size to overhaul the actuator.

24th September 2009 Thursday 0700hrs to 1900hrs

Prepare O-rings for the actuators in the morning and board the vessel.

Overhaul both blower outlet valve actuators and insert air to test – found it open/close smoothly in the workshop.

Installed Temperature switch and Level switch for scrubber tower and alarm test found working.

However, there was insufficient instrument air and sea water pump was also unable to run, so we were unable to test the system and will come back to test the system once everything is back in order.

25th September 2009 Friday 0900hrs to 1800hrs

Informed by Superintendent in the morning that the instrument air and sea water pump is back to working condition.

Left office to the vessel.

Found that the ATM valve Actuator was not working, so dismantle for overhaul and found back to working condition.

Run the system in flue gas mode, found that the blower 1 outlet valve’s positioner was not working and new position was replaced and found it back to working condition.

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