Atlas Incinerators Servicing and Repair

GIANTECH has been providing professional maintenance and repair solutions to marine and offshore customers since 2001. Part of services include the repairs of marine boilers and incinerators across different brands.

We have our own boiler repairs divisions based in Singapore and China, to provide boiler retubing and incinerator¬†refractory¬†services and spare parts‚Äď even in the most urgent of times. Our team prides itself in its expert skills in maintenance and repair services, prioritising quality control you can trust.


Besides Atlas Incinerators, we also provide materials and repair service for below incinerators brands:

  1. Kangrim Incinerators
  2. TeamTec Incinerators

As your reliable boiler service provider, we are trusted partner for end-to-end solution from inspection of the boiler, calculation and planning to the execution of the retubing job.  We also ensure that we have ready supple of tubes, tube plates, membrane walls for boilers with class approval, to be deployed when needed in Singapore and CHina.

Depending on your vessel route, we provide materials and repair service from either Singapore or China.

Boiler brands that we cover include:

  1. Kangrim Boilers
  2. Saacke Boilers
  3. Osaka Boilers
  4. Mitsubishi Boilers
  5. Alborg Boilers
  6. Miura Boilers
  7. Green Shazhou Boilers

In a summary, you can enjoy a comprehensive service from our high-skilled professional team as we provide a one-stop service for below:

  1. Inspections & Surveys
  2. Chemical Cleaning Services
  3. Special Welding Services
  4. Automation Services
  5. Retubings & Refurbishment Services
  6. Refractory Services
  7. Spare Parts & Material Supplies