Annual Boiler Service

Giving your boiler an annual health check can go a long way in making sure the equipment functionality. Through the detailed inspection by our service engineers, you will have a full update about the boiler current condition and conduct rectification if necessary.

In fact, an annual health check and maintenance has a higher chance to prolong the boiler’s lifespan especially onboard ongoing vessels. During the inspection, GIANTECH service engineers will have a system automation check and testing; if time allows they will conduct crew training onboard.

GIANTECH service engineers have years of technical experience in marine boilers which covers below brands:

  1. Kangrim Boilers
  2. Saacke Boilers
  3. Aalborg Boilers
  4. Green Shazhou Boilers
  5. Green Power Boilers

A standard boiler health check will take 8-10 hours onboard. If ship crews encounter any issue feel free to inform us in advance so the assigned service engineer will take notes and inspect the root cause.

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