GIANTECH is proud to be the official distributor of Gertsen & Olufsen’s vibration compensators. Gertsen & Olufsen is the market leader in vibration compensation onboard maritime installations, renowned for their extreme operational excellence and reliability.

Vibrations on board vessels can lead to:

  • Limited engine performance
  • Cracking
  • Reduced mechanical strengths
  • Abnormal wear on rotating machinery
  • Failure of electronic components

Eliminating these unwanted vibrations can lead to an improvement in engine performance and comfort. GIANTECH works closely with Gertsen & Olufsen to provide quality vibration compensation solutions for your vessel needs.

Some of the key features in Gertsen & Olufsen’s vibration compensators include:

  • Size of force can be adjusted from 0-100%, to get exact counterforce required. Adjustment range 1 kg.
  • Direction of force can be adjusted from 0 to 360º, to get precise direction of force +/- 1°.
  • Unique frequency controller enables a fast and precise phase synchronization. 3000 pulses per engine rpm.
  • Recommended by leading classification societies, ship-owners, engine- and shipbuilders worldwide.
  • A design that leads excess and break energy back to the net.

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