GIANTECH is proud to be the authorised distributor for KYMA in Singapore.

Established as a consultancy in marine engineering and naval architecture in 1965, KYMA has a long history of expertise in ship machinery and control systems. Their computer-based expert systems for ship monitoring are considered one of the best in the industry. KYMA’s products are subjected to high standards of quality and are evaluated to pass laws and regulations for health, environment and safety.

KYMA Ship Performance

GIANTECH provides KYMA’s Ship Performance monitoring system provides accurate and valuable data for ship owners and ship managers to ensure their vessel’s optimum performance, including:

  • Instant performance information
  • Fuel reporting
  • Speed loss and performance analysis
  • Sea trial reports
  • Daily and voyage reports
  • Possibility for automatic export of data, trends and reports to WEB/onshore
  • EEOI calculation
  • Trim Optimization
  • Statistical analysis of historical data

A wide range of output information is available from the systems computer and all output can be presented in SI or metric units as required.

KYMA Shaft Power Meter (KPM)

GIANTECH provides KYMA’s Shaft Power Meter to aid in the measurement and generation of data such as:

  • Torque
  • Power
  • RPM
  • Thrust (option)
  • PDF reports (e.g. voyage reports, sea trial, etc.)

Using strain gauge technique, the shaft power sensor measures shaft torque and thrust. This instrument consists of an aluminium ring clamped on to the shaft, a stationary unit located next to the shaft and a terminal junction box for signal and power connection. Data is measured and presented in a KYMA Display Unit, which is made up of a flat LCD screen module and a processing unit that can be flush mounted in the ECR console or installed in brackets on top of the console.

As a maintenance-free system, the KPM is designed to last throughout a vessel’s lifetime. Only a zero calibration that can easily be conducted by the ship’s crew, must be performed every 6 months.

GIANTECH is proud to partner KYMA to offer this highly accurate and easily-installed instrument to help ship owners and ship managers measure their vessels’ performance optimality.

GIANTECH’s team of engineers have been trained by KYMA in their Bergen factory, ensuring that we provide the highest standards for repairs, installations and commissioning services for the Kyma Shaft Power Meter and Kyma Ship Performance System.

GIANTECH has forged a close relationship with KYMA over the years, translating this professional synergy into technical proficiency that helps our customers meet their vessel needs.

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