Inert Gas System

Since servicing MOSS IGG and IGS system since 2001, GIANTECH understands the importance of keeping critical spare parts to meet the on-demand needs of marine vessels. With 85% of the common spares (MOSS IGG/IGS, Kangrim IGG/IGS) available in our Singapore warehouse, we offer convenient solutions for vessels in the region.

Catering to a range of dynamic marine vessel needs, GIANTECH offers genuine and equivalent spares.

We also supply:

  1. Kangrim IGG/ IGS
  2. Maritime Protection IGG / IGS
  3. Kashiwa IGG/IGS
  4. Hamworthy MOSS IGG/IGS
  5. Alfa Laval IGG/IGS

The spare parts we supply range from oxygen analyzers, combustion controls to instruments, signal control modules and combustion chambers, etc.

Please send your enquiries to our sales support team, and we will submit our offers as soon as possible.