Marine Incinerators
(Atlas Incinerators)

With an increasing awareness of sustainable socio-economic development and stringent emission requirements, incinerators play an important role to fulfill environmental friendly standards onboard vessels.

Atlas Incinerators A/S is part of the G&O Maritime Group dedicated to “upholding value, safety and reliability to the global maritime industry through green, innovative quality solutions”. An early entrant of on-board sludge disposal facilities, Atlas Incinerators has demonstrated its capability in the Marine and Offshore industries for over 40 years. Not only can the incinerators burn sludge oil and solid waste simultaneously, they are also user-friendly and environmentally-friendly, making them the preferred choice amongst many shipowners.

The top 5 cost-saving features of Atlas Incinerators include:

  1. A special refractory cement lines the incinerator body. It contains between 60% – 68% Al2O3 (Aluminium Oxide) which makes it extremely heat resistant, as well as stainless steel fibres and approximately 1% Platinum among other things. The refractory is capable of resisting thermal and mechanical shocks or impacts, and can withstand temperatures up to 1650°C. Compared to soft bricks used by other makers, Atlas Incinerators’ refractory is more durable, lasting up to 10 years if maintained according to the manual.
  2. The specially designed sludge burner has no rotating parts, hence minimal maintenance is required.
  3. Atlas Incinerators’ self-cleaning strainer saves owners maintenance costs compared to the Duplex filters used by most manufacturers.
  4. No flue gas fan = no spare parts expenses. No spare parts for the blower is needed as it runs in a clean and cool environment compared to a flue gas fan.
  5. No water settling tank = less spare parts. Only one sludge oil mixing tank is required as settling is not necessary.

GIANTECH Engineering is honoured to be authorised by this reputable marine equipment company as their after-sales service centre in Singapore. Armed with a team of highly skilled engineers, we look forward to offering our best services to support you – efficiently, effectively, and reliably.