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Giantech Engineering – Your trusted automation and retubing services provider. We provide spare parts, annual inspection, pre-docking, dry docking and repair services in Singapore & China.

KANGRIM Boiler & IG & Incinerator Systems Services and Spare Provisions

You can engage our repair services and spare parts locally from Singapore as well as globally

GIANTECH (Previously known as Goh IGS and Automation Pte Ltd) was appointed by Kangrim as their authorised service agent in Singapore in 2015. Ever since then we have been providing automation, retubing and refractory services to their equipment such as boilers, IGs and Incinerators.

Our services cover:

  1. Spare parts provision
  2. Annual inspections & maintenance services
  3. Pre-docking services
  4. Dry dock services
  5. Repair services
  6. Troubleshooting support
  7. Crew training (upon request)
    in Singapore, China and Worldwide.

We ceased our authorised-status of Kangrim in 2019, but GIANTECH continues to provide technical and spare support to ship managers and shipowners to keep their vessels running in a peace of mind.

Our service team has more than 20 years experience with the Kangrim systems and we keep most of the common spares in our Singapore warehouse.

We hope to work with you to optimise your system performance and resolve your system issue together.

Kangrim Heavy Industries Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine boilers. Established in 1981, Kangrim has supplied marine boilers to more than 576 ship-owners in 50 countries.

With a high number of Kangrim boilers in the market, after-sales boiler repair & services become extremely important, as support for vessels’ daily operations cannot afford to be delayed.

On 15 November 2015, Kangrim Heavy Industries Co., Ltd assigned GIANTECH as their only authorized service agent for boilers in Singapore, on top of their Inert Gas Systems. This authorization ensures benefits for our customers as having a local service center means a shorter response time, which in turn translates to lower costs and losses.
Mr Kim Jeong Hoon, Deputy Manager of Kangrim Customer Service Department, has also trained GIANTECH engineers for boiler inspection, maintenance and repair service. This training provides our engineers with valuable knowledge, allowing them to be better equipped at handling any boiler service job.

In early 2019, Kangrim and GIANTECH came to a mutual agreement to discontinue the service agency. Despite that, Giantech continues to maintain a close relationship with Kangrim in order to provide technical support to the customers.

Our service capabilities include the repair, maintenance and inspection of:

1. Steam Boilers

2. Thermal Oil Boilers

3. Exhaust Gas Boilers

GIANTECH supports/provides:
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Dry Dock Services
  • Pre-docking Inspection
  • Health Check Attendance Services
  • Troubleshooting Advice
  • Spare Parts

Keep your vessel in top condition with our services