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Air Products


Air Products AS is, by far, the market leader in gas processing systems for the marine and offshore market. As a Norwegian marine equipment manufacturer, with its headquarters and membrane production in the United States, it has dominated the market for years with its PRISM® membrane nitrogen systems.

Shipboard N2 Systems, used onboard Chemical and Products Tankers, LNG Carriers, Offshore Supply Vessels, have seen Air Products delivering over 1200units to date.

GIANTECH, have represented Air Products AS since 2005, starting as a sales agent and later worked hand-in-hand with the maker to build up its after-sales service capabilities here in Singapore and regionally.

This capability also includes our service of TMC Compressors – an integral part of Air Products’ N2 systems for many years.


We keep a full range of genuine Air Products. Unlike other equipment onboard your vessel, for a N2 system, it is critically important to buy spare parts from Air Products AS for all parts of the system from compressor parts to the filtration modules. Usage of wrong parts in a N2 system can result in severe damage to the membranes, thus buying your spares from Air Products AS is critically important when it’s part of the N2 system.

Air Products AS, with us their agents, have also over the years made Life-Cycle Management of their system an integral part of their offering, so we have ready stock for critical spares in our Singapore warehouse, including sensors and filter elements. We also supply membrane replacements for Air Products’ N2 Systems.

All these are genuine from APAS and at non-inflated prices to make sure your systems can get what they need, when they need it, where they need it.


Together with Air Products AS, GIANTECH has championed the conduct of the Annual Health Check Attendance (HCA) for the PRISM® N2 System. GIANTECH offers a Health Check Attendance Service (HCA) to vessels using Air Products’ N2 systems and TMC air compressors. This annual maintenance plan aims to provide regular maintenance checks and prevent unnecessary system downtime. The ultimate aim is to provide quality services, so as to provide peace of mind to ship managers. 

We have conducted more than a hundred heath-checks for the APAS systems annually and this has been a must-have for most fleet owners of chemical tankers, LNG and LPG ships using the system. 


We have pioneered and are developing new ways to help Air Products and our other makers help ship crew better improve their service and maintenance of their systems through training and technology development.


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