Atlas Incinerator Services (Authorised)

Atlas Incinerator is the No. 1 leading supplier of Marine Incinerators since the 1970s, with almost 10,000 units in services around the world.

Giantech is the official marine service partner for Atlas Incinerator A/S and provides maker endorsed services to Atlas systems in Singapore and China.
With years of quality service and experience on burners, boilers, inert gas generators and other incinerators, our competent team provide services from refractory repair to automation troubleshooting. We pride ourselves as giving maker’s backed, peace-off-mind service standards that others cannot provide in Singapore and China region.  

Refractory Material from Atlas

Using the correct material for your Atlas incinerators is extremely important.

Incinerator Refractory Materials for Ships A good refractory material for your incinerator must:
  • withstand the high temperature and thermal shocks (swings between heating and cooling) in the incinerator
  • the abrasive nature of the contents, sludge and gases
  • perform good heat insulation
  • be chemically inactive at elevated temperatures
We have ex-stock of materials approved by Atlas for your needs to ensure that you have the peace of mind when repairing your incinerators.


Maintenance and Repair Services (MRS) of Atlas Incinerators  Giantech offers refractory repairs as well as automation services of Atlas systems in Singapore and China. All our engineers are trained and endorsed by Atlas Incinerators ApS and every job that we carry out is supported and monitored by the makers. GIANTECH has always been supportive of ship-managers in their times of need. During Covid, we have helped many vessels that were not accessible because of travel restrictions with their various equipment onboard. Please contact us if you have problems and we will do our best to help you, no questions (or Purchase Order) asked! 🙂 Services of Atlas Marine Incinerators in Singapore and China by authorised engineers

Crew Training And Knowledge

Our experience working with Atlas Incinerators ApS over the years as a service partner has given GIANTECH a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the different requirements of up-keeping and various repair methods of the incinerators. As the end to end Life Cycle Services partner of ship managers for various systems, we have helped many vessels with their incinerators, boiler, burners and IG systems. The incinerator onboard the ship is something often not given enough emphasis and understanding from ship operators. For your crew, just having the incinerator manuals onboard is far from enough. We can help your crew understand more about incinerators and provide remote solutions that will enable your crew to solve Level 1 challenges on their own. Sign up with Gotrix to help your crew.

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