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Maritime Protection

Founded in 1970, Maritime Protection’s rich history as a supplier of inert gas systems has led it to become a reputable company in the marine and offshore industries. As a trusted company with global reach, Maritime Protection has assigned service agents in Singapore, Brazil and Korea to provide after-sales services to customers worldwide. Engineers are factory-trained by the maker to carry out service and repair enquiries.

With its expertise in inert gas systems, GIANTECH was Maritime Protection Sales Agent since 2005 and was later appointed as the Official Service Centre of Maritime Protection in 2011. Since then, as the after-sales agent, GIANTECH has been providing reliable servicing to Maritime Protection’s customers. GIANTECH was also involved in offshore projects that took place in Singapore. In order to provide immediate assistance, the maker had worked with GIANTECH to keep and provide critical spares at its Singapore warehouse. When spare parts or consumables are needed, GIANTECH can provide suitable assistance as the service centre.

A few years ago, Maritime Protection was acquired by Survitec which led to the discontinuation of our service agency. Despite that, Giantech continues to maintain a close relationship with Maritime Protection in order to provide technical support to the customers. 

GIANTECH has also launched the Health Check Attendance Service for vessels utilizing Maritime Protection’s Inert Gas System. This preventive engineering solution helps to rectify potential problems. By providing honest and efficient service, GIANTECH is continually growing and forming more partnerships with renowned marine and offshore equipment makers.