Gas Detectors

GIANTECH is the only authorised distributor of GEOPAL in Singapore. Our customers have easy access to spare parts from our Singapore warehouse. GEOPAL, as a professional gas detector company, has different types of marine detectors which can be connected to GEOPAL gas alarm monitors depending on specific applications and requirements.e following maker, made readily available from a ready-stock in our Singapore warehouse:

We and our partners have experience in installation of Geopal gas detectors for cooling systems, such as for HAVAC systems for Air-Conditioning and cooling systems for cargo and food in the galley.

Common gases that will need to be detected will include CO2 or Freon (R404, R407, R134 etc)

GEOPAL marine detector range can be divided into following categories:

  • Explosion and flame proofed detectors for use in classified zone 1 and 2 areas
  • Standard detectors for general applications
  • Detectors for duct and pipe mounting