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AIR & FUEL Servomotors (SIEMENS)

Our Code: BOIL-MECH01 & MECH02

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AIR & FUEL Servomotors (SIEMENS)

The reversible damper motors type SQM… are suitable for 2- wire control with controllers or switching units with changeover contact. The gear housing is of die-cast aluminum and painted silver-gray.

The cover is in dark-grey, impact proof plastic. The base is provided with four threaded entries for Pgll cable glands. The control section comprises 2 motor travel limit switches, 5 auxiliary switches. Manually adjustable cams make the operation of the limit and auxiliary switches. Setting scales provided between the cam discs simplify the adjustment. An additional scale at the end of the cam stack serves as position indicator. In addition, the damper motor type SQM50 is provided with a position indicator visible from outside.Used in Kangrim boilers with Oilon burner and Weishaupt burner.


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